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#PomeroyWestern Takes High Point Team Honors in Weekend Shows

#PomeroyWestern Takes High Point Team Honors in Weekend Shows

SAINT MARY OF THE WOODS, Ind. - The Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College equestrian western team turned in back-to-back high point team performances over the weekend. The Pomeroys took home high point team honors in both the morning and afternoon shows of Saturday's home western shows. Senior Sarah Hardin earned high point rider honors in the morning show, as SMWC took home 11 blue ribbons for the day. 

The western team will be back in action on February 11th when they host a morning and afternoon show on campus.

Morning Show Results                          

Afternoon Show Results

Open Reining 
Open Reining
Sarah Hardin - 2nd Hannah Hein - 1st   
Hannah Hein - 5th Open Rail
Open Rail  Sarah Hardin - 5th  
Sarah Hardin - 2nd Hannah Hein - 6th  
Advanced Advanced
McKayla Tichenor - 1st McKayla Tichenor - 1st  
Vivian Hansen - 3rd Elizabeth Wolkens - 1st  
Novice  Vivian Hansen - 6th  
Elizabeth Wolkens - 2nd Novice   
Hannah Feuquay - 2nd Kendall Dudenhoeffer - 1st  
Kendall Dudenhoeffer - 3rd Jeannie Andrew - 2nd  
Intermediate II
Hannah Feuquay - 2nd  
Nicole Goodin - 1st Sydney Wilderman - 4th  
Sydney Wilderman - 1st Intermediate II
Violet Hoyes - 1st Sarah Kenderdine - 1st  
Morgan Nobbe - 3rd Nicole Goodin - 1st  
Sarah Kenderdine - 5th Katie Grigsby - 2nd   
Intermediate I Intermediate I  
Savannah White - 2nd Savannah White - 1st  
Walk/Trot  Walk/Trot 
Maranda Cobb - 2nd Maranda Cobb - 4th  
High Point Rider High Point Team
Sarah Hardin SMWC
High Point Team