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Pomeroy Basketball Bounced in 52-Point Loss to Ohio Christian

Pomeroy Basketball Bounced in 52-Point Loss to Ohio Christian

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio -- The Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (SMWC) women's basketball team suffered their worst loss of the season to Ohio Christian University last night. The 125-73 loss at the hands of OCU brings SMWC to 1-7 on the season as they work to correct turnovers and mistakes.

How it Happened

  • First Quarter: SMWC played well to start the game, even holding a 9-4 lead halfway through the quarter. Understandably, turnovers and missed shots started to take their toll early and allowed OCU to move ahead. Called fouls and even more turnovers from sloppy play forced SMWC into a hole, but one that was manageable to close out the quarter. Keeping the lead within range, SMWC would go into the 2nd quarter down 19-28.
  • Second Quarter: Defense would be a struggle as, once again, turnovers would give away points. Impatient ball movement and an inability to make their shots from behind the arc would become a weakness that OCU would exploit throughout the game. Capturing a second season win was still possible with SMWC down just 41-51 at halftime.
  • Third Quarter: Known to be a traditional 3-point shooting team, SMWC would struggle to do so through the 3rd quarter. Behind a 32-3 run by Ohio Christian, SMWC would seemingly be down and out as OCU would do it all through the quarter; steals, rebounding, drawing fouls, and moving the ball. Interior play by OCU would frustrate SMWC as their game plan seemed too aggressive. The Woods was now deep into a hole that seemed to put the game out of reach fast. Closing the 3rd quarter, SMWC found themselves down 52-93.
  • Fourth Quarter: Having to resort to an abandonment of the 3-ball, the 4th quarter continued much like the rest of the game as SMWC would finally finish the game falling 125-73.

By the Numbers

  • The Pomeroys allowed seven players to score in the double-digits, with three of those players scoring 23+ points.
  • Staci Dinsmore of OCU was allowed a triple-double (20 rebounds, 11 assists, 23 points), and Rachel Gillum posted a double-double (14 rebounds, 12 points).
  • SMWC shot just 28.0% on the night (27.1% from behind the arc), while OCU posted a respectable 52.8% shooting and 33.3% from 3-point range.
  • SMWC was led in scoring by Mara Canada with 15, followed by Paetyn Hayes with 14.


SMWC will search for a second win on the season when they host Lincoln College tomorrow night, November 25th, at 7:00 p.m. ET.

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